The 42 Company:
South Africa's Leading Splunk Specialists

We’re uber-experienced certified Splunk consultants with a sprawling track record of delivering successful projects in the Splunk environment. From design to implementation, we help organizations find value in their data and get the most out of Splunk.


Splunk is a Powerful - and Complex - Tool.

To Get the Full Power of Splunk, You Need Certified, Competent and Confident Experts on Your Side.

We’re The 42 Company – certified and seasoned Splunk specialists with second-to-none competence in Splunk and Cribl technologies.

We help you implement these powerful platforms to collect and analyze your realtime data, so you can discover what’s happening in your business and take meaningful action quickly.

Whether you’re a large enterprise that indexes multiple terabytes of machine data per day, or a smaller operation that indexes just a couple of gigabytes of machine data per day, nothing is too complex or niche for us.

Our sprawling experience and impressive track record in all-things-Splunk means you can rest assured that you’ll use Splunk to its fullest potential and get the maximum value from your investment.

We Handle Splunk for Major Industries

Financial Services

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What We Do

As certified Splunk professionals, we design, install, and implement Splunk environments. From architecture and deployment to custom development and ongoing advisory, we offer outstanding services made possible by our years of experience.

 Our unmatched technical expertise guarantees smooth project delivery, and our vast knowledge means you’ll get the ongoing and increasing value from your Splunk ecosystem.

The result?

You’ll be wowed by the insights generated and thrilled with your ability to make data-driven decisions across your business.

Splunk is where we hang out.
Every day. All day.

Don't Panic!

We Can Solve Your Splunk Problems

New Splunk User

Implementing Splunk from scratch, but not sure where to start?

We’ll guide you through the entire process. From defining hardware requirements, to onboarding data and setting up use cases, we’ll facilitate a rapid and robust implementation in your environment. Plus, ongoing support to harness its full power. Forever.

Existing Splunk User

Unsatisfied with your current Splunk roll-out? Need help maintaining, fixing or upgrading your Splunk environment?

Whether you want richer analytics, additional use cases, or to broaden the adoption of Splunk across business units, we provide tailored advice to help you get the most of your Splunk ecosystem.

Soaring data analytic costs Cribl Logstream (Data Engineering)

Soaring data storage costs ruining your budget?

Using Cribl Stream, you’ll be able to shape and reduce your data before it gets routed to your preferred analytics platform, saving you significant data storage costs and improving performance.

We take your business - and your trust - seriously.

Our greatest accomplishment, and privilege, is the trust our clients place in us every day to solve their critical business problems.

We’ve earned this trust by delivering exceptional value;
project by project, use-case by use-case, migration by migration.

We hold these long-term relationships in the highest regard, and are committed to upholding the level of trust and confidence our clients have placed in us.

Here’s Why Dozens of Respected Companies Rely on Us, Year After Year

Your business shouldn’t wait for weeks or months to address urgent business questions. Security lapses, operational efficiency and customer insights need to be solved – now. Our team gets your Splunk environment up and running perfectly – and ready to impress the C-suite with never-seen-before insights – within days.

We’ve implemented Splunk in a variety of business environments, perfecting our technical know-how. Whether you’re a massive financial institution, an expanding online retailer, or a specialized enterprise – we’ll confidently handle your complex requirements. Our clients value the sharp insights and unique perspective we bring to the table, and regular ask for our advice across the business.

We’re fanatical about doing things properly – the first time round. You don’t have time to waste on avoidable hiccups or less-than-stellar implementations. We’ve refined our processes so we can roll out projects efficiently, quickly and thoroughly. If we say we can do it – you can count on our word to get it done. And if we can’t deliver on what you need? We’ll tell you straight – and stick around to recommend a solution that will work.

We known for being flexible and friendly, but when it comes to our integrity, we’re fiercely uncompromising. Our clients’ best interests is what drives all our decisions. We have no vested interest in recommending  a less-than-ideal solution. You’ll get sound, honest and transparent advice based on our decades of experience,  motivated exclusively by what will serve your business best.

Our most valuable asset is the trusted, long-term relationships we’ve developed with our clients. Each relationship is built on years of talking straight and patiently guiding our clients down the path of data analytics – and then delivering massive value, time and time again.   The praise we value most? When our clients ask us for our opinion about other critical business challenges because they value our opinion.

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