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Experience in Splunk

Splunk is powerful tool. It can add tremendous business value – but it needs professionals who understand it, are comfortable working with it and have successfully deployed it in diverse contexts.

As certified Splunk professionals, we’ve been working with Splunk since it launched in South Africa. We’ve deployed Splunk in dozens of different environments, and consult to many major organisations on how to fix, improve and expand their Splunk roll-out.

Whether you’re starting out with Splunk, or have been using it for years and want to get more value from your investment, we’re here to advise you, guide you and support you – every nanobyte of the way.

Splunk Solutions We Implement

We implement the following Splunk products on top of the Splunk Enterprise platform:

Splunk Enterprise Security

Splunk IT Service Intelligence (ITSI)

Splunk for PCI Compliance

If It’s Splunk, We Can Help

Deploying Splunk correctly when you start out will save you time, money and unnecessary hassles in the future. Our competent team will design and implement Splunk in your environment, set up initial use cases and train your team on how to use the system.

Do you want to expand Splunk across your enterprise, add use cases or increase the data capacity? We’ll help you configure, fix and optimize your Splunk environment to meet current needs and cater for projected growth. Debugging, reconfiguration, complex integrations, migrations – we do it all.

You’ve done your initial deployment of Splunk. Now, you need additional guidance as your needs grow. Whether you want to add additional data sources, develop advanced dashboards, or optimize Splunk queries, we’ll listen to your needs, ask the right questions, and advise you on the best path to get the insights and outcomes you’re looking for.

Splunk apps allow the end-user to interact with the data in the form of dashboards, reports, alerts, scheduled searches and lookups.  Our knowledge of Splunk’s search processing language combined with our advanced programming skills allows us to build custom apps that deliver tailor-made reporting to your executives.

Some Cool Stuff We Do For Our Clients

Managing over 10 000 servers across 6 countries

3 terabytes daily

helped a big organization pass their PCI compliance

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